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Neglected uremic symptoms

Kidney disease is found to be very low, because early symptoms are easily overlooked, leading to the discovery of kidney disease patients already to the extent of renal failure, that is, people often say uremia. Why is this disease ignored? Do you really have any problems in the early days? What are the symptoms of early uremia?
Poor appetite, anorexia, nausea: toxins accumulated in the body to a certain period of time will affect the body's digestive system function, early patients common in poor appetite, do not think of eating or eat on the full. With the development of the disease the symptoms will be more serious, there will be vomiting, nausea, abdominal bloating, and so on.
Frequent feeling of fatigue, fatigue, headache: due to cell function is affected by metabolic imbalance, long-term harmful substances in the body will cause nerve cell lesions, acid metabolism, imbalance, electrolyte clutter and renal hypertension. These complicated diseases often cause symptoms such as dizziness, headache, fatigue, fatigue, and memory loss. And these symptoms for young people often feel that the first day did not sleep well, or work tired, life caused by the pressure. That as long as a good rest can be alleviated, it is particularly easy to be ignored.
Hypertension: If there are often dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus is also accompanied by high blood pressure friends must be taken seriously. Because we all know that the main function of the kidney is draining, urinating. And when the kidney function is damaged when the body will appear Shuizhu retention, resulting in increased blood volume caused by high blood pressure. In addition, due to renal ischemia and hypoxia caused by increased secretion of renin, which led to increased renal secretion of blood pressure increased material, lower blood pressure reduction. Therefore, uremic patients will have different degrees of early hypertension.
Face yellowing: face yellowing and anemia has a close relationship. Due to uremic patients in the body of toxic metabolic retention, resulting in red blood cells are damaged or shortened life, combined with the reduction in the number of red blood cells and a variety of bleeding symptoms led to the occurrence of anemia symptoms. This is more obvious, many patients in the short term and will not pay too much attention to this symptom.
Reduce the amount of urine, the number of times on the toilet less: Many people think that drinking water more than the number of naturally on the toilet, drink less, less urine output. So do not deliberately pay attention to the amount of urine, it is not true. Under normal circumstances, the normal urine output should be maintained at 1000mL-2000mL, while the number of toilets in general during the day 4-6 times, 0-2 times at night. Uremic patients due to renal filtration function decreased, some patients will appear with the disease increased urine output gradually reduced. There is a part of the patient urine output is normal, but because of the function of the kidney decreased, so the quality of urine also decreased, the discharge of toxins in the urine, the body too much waste due to row out of retention in the body and then lead to The patient's physical condition and further deterioration of the disease.
Body swollen: This symptom is easy to detect, but may also be overlooked. Edema is also due to the kidneys can not rule out the body of excess water, resulting in water retention in the tissue gap. Early patients often appear to wake up after the eyelid edema, ankle edema, but after the break and disappeared. Severe patients with calf swelling or systemic edema. Many people think that the first day is too tired or sleeping position is not right, not particularly concerned about. Of course, the reason for the swelling is a lot, this also requires careful identification of patients.
Early symptoms of uremia are very common small changes, do not pay attention to it is difficult to find them, this is the discovery of late is the reason. The symptoms of the disease in our side, so we must be careful in life, the small changes in the body after the accumulation of time becomes a big problem, do not let their body into the fire and water.


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