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Treatment of uremic creatinine is not highly transparent

Uremic creatinine patients do not do kidney transplant surgery, then to the end of the period are almost all use of dialysis to maintain life, but more and more people worry about the complications caused by dialysis, rather than dialysis. Then uremic creatinine high untreated to live long time? This is a lot of uremic creatinine high patients ask the question of the older husband. Here, we invite Hebei Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine kidney disease experts to explain the specific:

Under normal circumstances, if the high prevalence of uremic creatinine in the case of economic conditions permit, and can guarantee adequate dialysis, can rule out the body toxins control complications, about 80% of patients can live for 1 year, 60% of patients can live Over five years. But because of uremic creatinine hyperdialysis patients physical fitness is not the same, the dialysis environment is not the same, so this uremic creatinine hyperdialysis can live long time is only about a time.

In fact, the main effect of dialysis is to replace the damaged kidneys to exercise metabolic function, excretion of metabolic waste in the body, but no way to restore the damaged kidney treatment, so dialysis is not able to treat uremic creatinine, can only maintain uremic creatinine High patient's life.

To understand the uremic creatinine hyperdialysis is only the life-saving effect, not the damage to the kidney treatment program, long dialysis will make the kidneys completely atrophy eventually lose all the functions, and dialysis machine health problems may also lead to infection, Aggravate the condition.

Uremia creatinine high treatment focus is to restore the glomerular function of cells, to prevent the progress of renal fibrosis, from the fundamental treatment, uremic creatinine is the development of renal fibrosis scar formation stage, usually show creatinine, Urea nitrogen increased, and the corresponding is not suitable for complications, mainly because the kidney cells damaged, glomerular filtration barrier results and function changes, the filtration rate is reduced, their detoxification function is poor, no way To seize the time of the body of toxins from the body caused by the discharge, including high blood pressure and renal atrophy of the show, how to restore the pathogenesis of kidney damage, the specific need to combine the patient's own situation to comprehensive treatment, the focus is to see the kidney The degree of damage to the pathogenesis and glomerular functional cell residues, with appropriate administration to prevent the progress of renal fibrosis, to achieve the purpose of treatment and a little bit of treatment.

Uremic creatinine high patient survival time will be accompanied by the condition of the transition and gradually extended, late uremic creatinine is not high dialysis is not enough. Treatment of uremic creatinine is high, with the dialysis + traditional Chinese medicine, kidney and kidney care can be a combination of win-win.


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