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Uremic patients in the "eat" to be careful

People eat food for the day, and now eat and drink is no longer filling his stomach so simple, and reasonable diet beneficial to the rehabilitation of the disease, especially after suffering from uremia. Uremia is a very serious kidney disease, the patient in the course of treatment must pay attention to their minds of the adjustment, then uremic patients how to diet it?

First of all, our uremic patients should pay attention to a variety of nutritional supplements, uremic patients to add a lot of protein substances, such as milk, eggs, lean meat, fish, but pay attention to eat soy protein and other plant protein, Protein utilization is low, will increase the uremia. Patients also pay attention to calorie intake, adequate heat to ensure that the human body protein storage. Intake of calories to cereal-based food, eat less sugar, fruit type of food. Try to eat less fat, especially animal fat.

Second, uremic patients also eat more food fiber, the experts said that dietary fiber can reduce the patient's serum cholesterol and triglycerides. Food fiber is rich in potato, coarse grains, vegetables, fruits and hard fruit food (peanuts, walnuts, etc.). Hemodialysis patients if you eat 270 grams of vegetables a day, you can provide 20 grams of dietary fiber.

Finally, some uremic patients also have to control the daily intake of potassium and sodium intake, the experts said that uremic patients with less urine or dialysis less, high blood potassium patients, must strictly control the high potassium foods such as Pears, bananas and so on. There are severe high blood pressure, edema or high sodium, should control the intake of sodium, oliguria, hypertension, edema of patients, should also be strictly limited drinking water, drinking water should not exceed the amount of urine per day.

Through the introduction of the above, you should now clear it, a reasonable diet helps uremic patients treatment and nursed back to health, we all know? Experts suggest that everyone in daily life, must pay attention to good eating habits, which in the To a certain extent, is also a disease treatment and prevention. I wish you a speedy recovery!

Uremic patients in the "eat" to be careful

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