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What are the main points of uremic diet?

In our lives, many factors can cause uremia, we need special attention is the uremic diet, which is the most critical point, that common uremic diet points what? Here to see the common Uremic diet points.

Limit the protein: not washed kidney, because the kidneys can not be protein metabolism after the discharge of waste, so that the status of uremia more serious, it will recommend to reduce protein intake; but if the kidney, In the kidney will cause the loss of protein in the body, so uremic diet must be with the dietitian's advice to maintain the body needs.

Limit the intake of sodium: salt content contains high sodium content, in the uremia body if too much sodium, will cause the body of water retention, resulting in cardiopulmonary failure and increased uremia situation. However, uremic diet should not use low sodium salt, due to low sodium salt containing high potassium ions.

Limit potassium intake: the accumulation of potassium in the body can cause muscle weakness, severe cases will cause heart rate is not complete and cause heart failure. This is a common uremic diet.

The above information is about the uremia diet points, we hope to have some help it, in general, to seize the uremic diet is still very critical, if you are still on the uremic diet points Doubt, you can consult our experts, here I wish you a happy early recovery.

What are the main points of uremic diet?

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