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end-stage uremia diet

The end-stage uremic patients with anorexia and every dialysis inevitably lost a little blood and protein .Therefore ,end-stage patients with uremia should pay attention to the diet

end-stage uremia diet

  1.Uremia patients should eat more milk、egg 、lean 、fish and other animal protein ,eat less bean products and other vegetable proteins ,because the use rate of the vegetable protein low will aggravate uremia .Old patients lack of protein is commonly seen. Muscle atrophy、weight loss will need more essential protein .

  2.Enough heat energy can ensure the body of storage protein .If supply deficiency will cause malnutrition ;Excessive supply will cause hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis and other diseases .The heat energy intake is given priority to with cereal foods ,eat less saccharose and fruits.Try best to eat less fat especially animal fat .

  3.Dietary fiber not only avoid constipation ,but also contribute to lower serum cholesterol and triglyceride .The dietary fiber requirements for about 20g a day .The foods contain rich dietary fiber including kinds of potatoes(potato 、sweet potato) 、coarse food grain(maize meal、sorghum surface、soba noodles and so on)、vegetables 、fruits and nuts food(peanut 、juglans and so on).

  4.Patients with oliguria or fewer dialysis 、high serum potassium ,should strict control high potassium foods ,such as pear、banana and so on .Patients with serious high blood pressure 、edema or high blood sodium should control the intake of sodium ,4-5g or less a day is better .Patients with oliguria 、high blood pressure and edema should also strict control water ,the everyday water volume should not more than the ejection of the urine volume .

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