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Uremic encephalopathy diet health care

Uremia harm our health, we must understand harm of these diseases on our body, prepared to prevent disease attack, more effective protection of our health, scientific way to protect the kidneys is scientific diet, a scientific diet can reduce the side effects of some drugs, more effectively reduce the pressure of some drugs on the kidneys. This will help the rehabilitation of uremic encephalopathy. Here are some diets for uremic encephalopathy.
Taboos for our patients is very important, should listen to your attending physician's advice, uremic encephalopathy patients should be based on their own degree of kidney damage to determine the degree of protein intake, if the course is long, renal dysfunction is not serious, the protein intake is not necessary to strictly control, but the daily intake can not be too much, according to their own situation to eat. As some patients are very serious condition, so the advice of the doctor's advice, the amount of energy intake to meet the needs of the patient's activities.
For example, some patients have high blood pressure, edema, etc, should not eat too much salt, the general case, the daily intake should be controlled below two grams, or even give salt-free diet, low salt is appropriate. Give adequate vitamins, especially to add vitamin C, because most of the long-term uremic patients have anemia and other symptoms, vitamin C can increase the absorption of iron, such as tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, red dates, watermelon, green leafy vegetables and other food.
If patients with poor appetite, you can add the appropriate point of vitamin B and folic acid. The above dietary requirements are based on the patient's condition and the severity of the illness, if necessary, please consult your attending physician or consult our online experts, we will give you guidance.

Uremic encephalopathy diet health care

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