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What will get uremia?

Uremia is a very serious kidney disease, if uremia did not receive timely and effective treatment, it will threaten the lives of patients with health. For this expert to remind the patient, once found suffering from uremia, then timely treatment is the key. So what about getting uremia?

First: the skin system is damaged

The accumulation of urea in the body can be discharged through the sweat glands, in the skin surface composed of crystalline powder called urea cream, common in the face, nose, cheek, etc.. The reason for itching is unclear and may be related to the stimulation of nerve endings. Skin uremia skin is often grayish yellow and itching, skin color and anemia and urinary pigment accumulation in the skin.

Second: the nervous system is damaged

Uremic end of the patient may appear lethargy, convulsions, stupor, coma and other symptoms. Brain tissue in a large number of urea deposition, osmotic pressure increased, can cause brain edema, and sometimes a bit like bleeding and small softening. Toxic substances and can damage the nerve cells caused by nerve cells, increased vascular permeability increased brain edema.

Third: heart damage

Uriculatous from the respiratory tract can cause respiratory inflammation, sometimes along the alveolar wall may have a transparent membrane composition; pulmonary capillary permeability increased, alveolar cavity has a large number of fibrin and mononuclear exudation, few neutrophils, said For uremic pneumonia.

Uremia great threat to people's health, so we should attach great importance to the disease. Once suffering from uremia, then the timely choice of hospital for treatment, during the treatment should also be actively optimistic with the expert treatment. But also to listen to doctor's advice, can not do not do, can not eat things do not eat, so as not to cause side effects.

What will get uremia?

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