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End-stage symptoms of uremia

  Kidney is one of the important excretory organs in human body ,its healthy or not directly relate to the system is stable in the body .Yet the uremia is one of the diseases that can cause people die ,so the symptoms of uremia become the hot topic .

  1.All kinds of substances metabolism disorder in the body .One of the functions of kidney is to regulate the balance of the electrolyte .If there is damage to the kidney ,it can not regulate the water 、sodium、potassium 、calcium and phosphorus ,thus will cause edema and hyperkalemia .Some proteins 、sugar and vitamin will occur confusion

  2.The changes of respiratory system .Uremia will easily cause the alveolar capillary permeability increase 、pulmonary congestion and other symptoms ,if patients with excessive body fluids or heart insufficiency will cause pulmonary edema or pleural effusion .

  3.The changes of digestive system .The early symptoms of uremia is dyspepsia ,as the illness aggravation ,patients will occur anorexia 、nausea 、diarrhea and other symptoms .

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