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Expert advice: uremia diet therapy

Uremia is a more serious kidney disease, with renal failure in patients with renal failure, the patient's physical strength will decline. "Kidney is the foundation of congenital", kidney activity directly affect the body's physiological function. Therefore, patients with renal failure in the treatment can pay attention to diet, the following there are some recommendations of uremia diet therapy, can be used as a reference.

1, low salt diet:

Chronic nephritis is mostly caused by acute nephritis. When the clinical symptoms of hematuria, proteinuria, edema, high blood pressure, should avoid salt in the diet. Due to salt to eat more, sodium will increase, so that the body tissue electrolyte concentration increased, while the sodium concentration increased, it is an important reason for the formation of edema. Sodium can be retained water, therefore, patients with kidney disease must avoid salt. With edema and less urine, in addition to medication, you can choose some food with water. Such as melon Indications lower abdomen water swelling, Lee urine, thirst quencher. Melon skin decoction on behalf of the tea water swelling effect better. Loofah has cooling blood detoxification, diuretic swelling function.

2, eating fresh fish and soy products to supplement the lack of protein:

Kidney disease patients continue to lose protein from the urine, and therefore must be added from the food. General plasma protein is lower than normal can increase fish, eggs and other high protein foods. But when the blood non-protein nitrogen increased, you must choose low-protein food. Such as drinking some fish soup, because the fish protein 70% in the meat. Edible fish soup can not only add nutrition, and can benefit water swelling. When the need to add protein, you can choose fresh carp soup. Because the carp has "under the water vapor, Lee urine" function, and rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins a, b and so on. In addition, you can eat rich in protein tofu, soy milk and other beans products.

uremia diet therapy
uremia diet therapy

3, folk prescription: Cordyceps sinensis stew turtle:

Cordyceps sinensis contains a wealth of essential amino acids and a variety of trace elements such as zinc, chromium, manganese, etc., but also promote the synthesis of protein, play a special physiological function, with a waist, lower anger, the treatment of low back pain effect. Recipe: selection of fine texture of the blessing of the door Cordyceps sinensis 3 grams, Chuanxiong 5 grams, 10 grams of sheep sheep, 12 grams of Cistanche, soil Tu Ling 15 grams, about 3 grams of grass turtle. Practice: the entire material washed into the pot, put appropriate amount of water, simmer for 3 hours, seasoning can be. Efficacy: The side has a good kidney, blood circulation, continuous taking 10 days can achieve significant effect.

The above is the expert advice about uremia diet therapy, for reference only. Uremic patients in the treatment process should pay attention to drug treatment, but also pay attention to daily diet. Diet therapy has an auxiliary role in the treatment of uremia, but the condition and physical condition of patients with uremia are different, so the specific diet therapy is to seek professional doctors after consultation and then decide.

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