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What are the common clinical symptoms of uremia?

If the kidney patient has been treated poorly, it is easy to develop into uremia, uremia is the end stage of renal disease, and the symptoms are not obvious, it is easy to confuse with other diseases, particularly harmful to patients. In order to avoid the harm of uremia, we must understand the symptoms of uremia, and strive for early detection and early treatment. Here is a detailed introduction of common clinical symptoms of uremia.

1. yellow complexion: uremia patients appear yellow color, it should be paid great attention to, this is due to anemia or other causes. If the face yellowing, must be checked as soon as possible to the regular hospital, to avoid uremia and other diseases harmful to health.

2. poor appetite: early symptoms of uremia will appear anorexia and other symptoms, which is caused by the affected digestive function. With the gradual aggravation of the disease, there will be nausea, vomiting and other phenomena, seriously endangering the healthy life of patients. Analysis of early symptoms of uremia is very important.

3. drowsiness and fatigue, in daily life, if you find yourself often sleepy or tired, pay more attention to, this may be the early symptoms of uremia.

4. edema: edema is a common symptoms of uremia in early stage. Edema is caused by excess moisture in the body that the kidney can not timely exclude. In the early stage of uremia, only appear on the the eyelid part, and it will disappear after a period of rest.

5. urinary volume change, uremia patients are mostly caused by renal failure, and the decline of renal function leads to reduced urine volume, so uremia early urine volume changes.

The above is about "the common clinical symptoms of uremia" related introduction, hope to be helpful to you. We must pay attention to the above symptoms, these symptoms are very easy to ignore. We must pay attention to diet and lifestyle in the process of treatment, regular exercise, improve body immunity, maintain a happy mood, the disease is also good.


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