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Uremic patients with physical manifestations of the surface

Even though the early stage of uremia has arrived, the symptoms associated with it are not very obvious. Even some patients with kidney disease suddenly appear the symptoms of increased urine, think kidney disease from the trend of improvement. In fact, uremia early emergence of enuresis, as clear as water instead of renal deterioration. In addition, uremia early accompanied by some other symptoms, these symptoms appear to better determine whether or not uremia occurs:

1. Early stage of uremia, patients often have dizziness, headache, fatigue, understanding and memory loss and other symptoms.

2. early uremia patients due to high blood creatinine, toxins accumulation can not excrete the body, leading to gastrointestinal dysfunction, poor appetite, gastrointestinal discomfort, gastrointestinal bleeding, nausea, vomiting.

3. urinary volume change, due to the decline of renal filtration function, some patients with the progress of the disease, urine volume will gradually decrease. Even if the urine volume is normal, due to the elimination of toxins in urine, quality decline, can not discharge too much waste in the body, so to some extent, urine volume does not fully explain your kidney function is good or bad.

4. early uremia patients due to renal anemia lead to yellow complexion, face become pale, this is due to anemia.

5. patients with uremia pruritus is a common symptom, is toxic products on the receptors in the skin irritation caused by; others think that with secondary hyperparathyroidism, because after parathyroidectomy, the pain relieved immediately. In addition, the patient's skin is dry, desquamation and yellowish brown. The change of skin color was thought to be caused by the increase of urine pigment, but it was proved by the absorption spectrophotometer that melanin is the main pigment in the skin. In the exposed parts of the skin, slight contusion can cause skin ecchymosis. Because of the high concentration of urea in sweat, there is a white crystal of urea at the mouth of sweat gland. It is called urea cream.

6. systemic head ache or backache; easy bleeding;

7. hypertension, early uremia patients will appear hypertension symptoms. Because the kidneys have the function of sodium excretion and drainage, sodium and water retention occurs when the kidney is damaged, and at the same time, the kidneys secrete some substances that cause hypertension. Therefore, uremia patients will have varying degrees of hypertension in the early stage. If there is hypertension and poor coagulation mechanism, it is easy to cause bleeding of nose or gums, so we should pay attention to it.

8. edema, this is a relatively easy to perceive the phenomenon, because the kidneys cannot rid the body of excess water and cause fluid retention gap in tissue edema, early only in the ankle and eyelid department, after the break away, if to continue or systemic edema, has been very ill.

9. with the aggravation of the disease can appear irritability, muscle tremors, convulsions; finally can develop indifference, lethargy and coma.

The above is about the introduction of uremic patients with body surface obviously, if you have any questions about the disease need detailed understanding, you can consult our online expert, our experts will reply as soon as possible.

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