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Whether polyuria is the symptoms of uremia?

Uremia seriously threatens people's life safety, so the disease must be found in time, otherwise it is easy to risk of life. Some friends have a urine situation, this is normal, but if the urine is always the case, you need to pay attention to. The following experts for friends to introduce whether polyuria is the symptoms of uremia.

Whether polyuria is the symptoms of uremia?

A symptom of urine is the physiological phenomenon of uremia, renal patients appear in the urine causes mainly in diabetes, diabetes insipidus, chronic nephritis, polyuria, spirit. Physiological polyuria is mainly seen in drinking water too much, drinking, drinking strong tea and mental stress. The common causes of polyuria in nephrotic syndrome are different. The most common cause is urinary insufficiency due to renal tubular dysfunction and chronic renal insufficiency. At this time, the renal function has been impaired, and the urinary gravity is mostly fixed and low specific gravity.

Kidney patients should pay attention to the urine is uremia symptoms in acute nephritis, acute renal failure or polyuria, often said remission tended to be better. Chronic interstitial renal tubular acidosis due to renal tubular damage much more urine, common symptoms of polyuria nephropathy usually occurs with other diseases caused by polyuria mechanism each other can not be separated, such as primary aldosteronism, the urine can be due to the high sodium stimulation of the hypothalamic capacity central, can also be due to lower concentration function caused by hypokalemic renal tubular damage reason.

Micturition is the physiological function of essential human excretion of the metabolites, should the amount of urine more toxins from the urine but also many, why not row toxin occurrence uremia? Containing two components in human urine, is a water used as solvent, two as metabolites of solute. Uremia patients with glomerulosclerosis, loss of function, a variety of large molecules of toxic metabolites can not be discharged according to physiological needs, detained in the body, and small molecules of water can still easily filtered through the glomerulus, urine formation.


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