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Symptoms of uremia in the skin

Uremia disease will inevitably affect the development of people's kidney function, and for the emergence of uremia in the treatment of how we must be vigilant, the main symptoms of uremic disease performance, but also a serious understanding, then, uremia what are the main symptoms of disease disease?

Symptoms of uremia in the skin

So, what are the symptoms can be found early?

First, fatigue. This may be the earliest manifestation, but the most easily overlooked, because there are so many reasons for fatigue. Especially those who are "fully fighting" in business are mostly attributed to work stress and fatigue. If you take a little rest and the symptoms improve, it is more likely to mislead the patient.

Second, pale yellow. This is due to anemia. Because of this very slow and underdeveloped performance, there can be no noticeable "contrast" over a short period of time, just as it is difficult for people to find slow changes like their getting along with each other all the time.

Third, edema. This is a relatively easy to perceive performance. However, due to the initial symptoms of mild, may also not cause the patient's attention. Common symptoms are: wake up in the morning, eyelid swelling, afternoon retreat; When tired, the feet become swollen and disappear after rest, which is often mistaken for overwork and is often ignored. If it develops to a persistent or systemic swelling, the patient's illness is already very severe.

Fourth, poor appetite. This is due to uremic retention, affect digestive function. Most people disagree. When the condition develops abdominal distension discomfort, nausea, vomiting, and even increase the number of stools or loose mass at this time, the condition has been particularly serious, which is often an important reason patients have to seek medical treatment. Only regrettable to say that when the condition has been very heavy, some careless or inexperienced doctors, but also failed to arouse vigilance, only to focus on the digestive tract, mistaken to enteritis and the like to diagnose and treat, Ignore the underlying disease.

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