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Do you feel breathless in uremic patients?

Do you feel breathless in uremic patients? If so, most of these symptoms of uremic chest tightness, uremia chest tightness is one of the common symptoms of patients, uremia chest tightness may be caused by a variety of reasons, patients with uremia to pay attention to chest symptoms. Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Nephrology experts pointed out the symptoms of uremia chest tightness, patients and their families should promptly notify the medical staff to determine the cause of uremic chest tightness, the use of emergency measures to be treated. Uremic patients often appear chest tightness, suffocation symptoms may be caused by the following reasons.

Do you feel breathless in uremic patients?

1, Patients with uremia , especially those with acute heart failure , may have chest distress and hold an acute episode with a heavier degree of severity . Triggering factors are generally pulmonary infection, in addition to infusion too fast also can lead to chest tightness, suffocation.

2, if the uremia patients with pulmonary infection, making pulmonary ventilation limited, but also induced heart failure, both caused by chest tightness, suffocation.

3, uremia patients with severe anemia, hemoglobin decreased, can lead to oxygen shortage, the patient will appear chest tightness, suffocation.

4, uremic pericarditis, especially the phenomenon of tamponade, chest tightness, suffocation will aggravate the night can not be supine, pericarditis after dialysis can disappear.

Uremic chest tightness symptoms can not be underestimated, find out the cause of chest tightness is the first step in the treatment. Patients and their families should pay close attention to their own changes, such as the need to promptly contact the medical staff. Here to remind some patients with uremia do not blindly exclude dialysis, in an emergency, dialysis is one of the fastest ways to resolve complications.

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