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The end-stage symptoms of uremia

  Due to the illness of patients with end-stage uremia is very serious ,so end-stage uremia patients must pay more attention to the treatment ,otherwise will threaten to patient’s life at any time .In order to immediately find the abnormal symptoms ,it is important for patients to learn about the symptoms of end-stage uremia

  The symptoms of end-stage uremia :

  1.In the late stage of uremia ,patients’symptoms will gradually spread to the intestines and stomach ,thus causing serious health problems .The early stage is given priority to with anorexia 、abdominal discomfort and then will occur nausea 、vomiting 、diarrhea 、a urine smell and oral mucosa fester even massive hemorrhage of gastrointestinal tract .

  2.In the late uremia stage patients will occur sleepiness 、irritable 、muscle tremor even tic 、convulsions 、coma .Should be careful in most is the cardiovascular system performance uremia often occur high blood pressure ,which is the common symptom in the end-stage uremia

  3.In the late illness onset ,uremic patients will occur serious psychological burden ,mental health become especially bad .Sometimes uremic patients will occur listleness 、fatigue 、dizziness 、headache 、memory loss 、insomnia 、limb numbness 、burning pain and skin itch

  As long as the illness develop into the end-stage ,patients must go the hospital immediately .In order to help the patients quickly recover ,in the late onset ,the relatives should pay attention to do ideological work ,often give patients avoid uremia patients with late adverse psychology ,or it will affect the therapeutic effect .

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