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Dietary matters for patients with high creatinine

  Creatinine is the body muscle metabolic waste ,is through the glomerular filtration in vitro ,if creatinine increased glomerular filtration rate is damaged ,kidney cells damaged structure ,the detoxification of renal function decline ,resulting in a decline in immunity .At this time ,patients need to actively treat and through the dietary nursing .Diet for creatinine patients have a certain auxiliary function ,so what should creatinine patients pay attention to ?

  1.The intake of salt :Kidney disease patients often have the occurrence of edema ,if eat a large amount of sodium salt will cause the water retention and cannot normal expel from outside the body ,in addition the edema condition can bring troubles to the patients .

  2.Protein :During the kidney disease ,the protein content in the urine will increase ,at this time ,patients can not eat more protein to supply the lack of protein in the body ,in this way can accelerate the protein loss .So patients should eat some low protein foods ,such as rice ,maize meal and flours ,etc .

  3.Vitamin : High creatinine patients can eat some high vitamins foods ,can eat some fruits and vegetables ,such as pear ,apple ,celery and mushrooms and so on .

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