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The symptoms of uremia cannot be ignored

  The early symptoms of uremia are often ignored by people ,after the illness is serious ,people go to the hospital ,at this time ,not only delay the time of the treatment ,but also aggravate the illness .So it is important to master the symptoms of the uremia .

  1.Sleepy and weak .This may be the early symptoms ,but often easy to ignore ,because there are many reasons of causing sleepy and weak .

  2.Poor appetite .This is due to uremic retention affect the digestive function ,most people ignore it .With the development of the illness ,patients will occur abdominal discomfort ,nausea,vomiting even defecate times increase or the quality powder ,at this time ,the illness is serious ,this is also the important reasons of patients have to go to the doctor .

  3.High blood pressure .Because the kidney have the function of eject sodium and water ,when the renal function damaged ,the body will occur sodium and water retention .In addition ,the kidney will secret some substances which can make the blood pressure rise .Therefore ,uremia patients early stage will have different degrees of high blood pressure .If there is high blood pressure and bad clotting mechanism will easy to cause nose or gingiva bleeding ,so patients should pay more attention to .

  4.Urine volume change .Due to the filtration function of the kidney decline ,parts of the patients’urine volume will reduce with the progress of the illness .Even if the urine is normal ,due to urine discharge a little toxins ,the quality decline ,cannot expel from many wastes in the body ,so to a certain degree ,the urine volume cannot totally stand for the renal function is good or bad .

  5.Face yellow,this is due to the anemia .Because the occurrence and development of this manifestation is very slow ,so cannot appear obvious contrast in a short time .

  6.Edema .This is a relatively easy to detect phenomenon ,because the kidney cannot eliminate the extra water ,thus causing the liquid stay in the body tissue clearance ,in the early stage only shows edema in the ankle and eyelid ,disappear after having a rest .If developed into continuous or systemic edema ,the illness is serious .

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