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How to prevent renal insufficiency

  Renal insufficiency is caused by all kinds of reasons ,the glomerular serious damage ,which is a clinical syndrome make the body metabolisms and adjust water ,electrolyte and acid-base equilibrium occur disorder .Renal insufficiency can be divided into acute renal insufficiency and chronic renal insufficiency .The prognosis is serious ,which is one of the diseases of threatening the life .

  1.Patients with hyperlipemia ,high blood glucose ,hypercalcemia and hyperuricemia should have a proper treatment ,prevent the above factors aggravate the renal lesions .

  2.Being careful to use or avoid the drugs which contain toxicity and easily induced renal damage of drugs ,such as gentamicin ,sulphonamide and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and so on .

  3.The drugs which through the kidney excretory can damage the kidney ,such as gentamicin ,sulfonamides ,penicillin ,indometacin and so on .

  4.Renal insufficiency patients should reasonable ingest the intake of protein .The metabolism in the body is mainly from the protein in the diet .Therefore ,to reduce the burden of the remaining kidney ,the intake of protein must be suitable to the discharge capacity and kidney .

  5.Enough rest .Renal insufficiency patients should ensure enough rest and good nutrition .

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