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Prevention measures for children uremia

  Recently, due to the morbidity of children uremia has been increased year by year, it has influenced children’s health. As patients to keep children’s health, should pay attention to many details, in case of the occurrence of children uremia.

  The patients have the responsibility to children, so in the daily life should observe the changes of children, treat the primary disease as soon as possible, and relieve kidney injury causes by primary disease. Due to some disease as long as accept right treatment, could avoid the condition developed into uremia.

  According to the above content, kidney experts summarize some measure to prevent uremia, detailed measure including:

  1、Enhance the habitus, prevent the occurrence of disease

  2、Active prevent and effective treat all kinds of infection and cold

  3、Prevent and treat acute nephritis actively and effectively

  4、Active treatment could stop primary glomerular disease to prevent developing into chronic nephritis

  5、The combination treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine is the advantage and characteristic to prevent and treat chronic nephritis in Chinese.

  6、Check renal function regularly, the patients have been had renal function according to the early prevention plan of uremia: when treat the primary disease take traditional Chinese medicine to block the process of renal fibrosis, and protect renal function.

  In a short word, if you want to recover and treat these diseases, should take regular medical checkup, regularly check urine routines、renal function or renal B ultrasonic, especially urine routines check, because almost kidney disease will express in the urine.

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