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How to prevent uremia for young people

  There are more and more people get uremia, no matter it is a man or woman, or no matter how it he or she. And a normal phenomenon is, more and more young people are tend to get uremia. So, the young people should be pay more attention to his body and do not ignore his health. On the early stage of the uremia, the symptom is not clear and it is easy to be ignored. So, young people should pay more attention to prevent uremia.

  There are so many symptoms of uremia. The most common is high blood pressure、anemia、acidosis and so on. Patients may feel dizzy、weak or no appetite. So, people should have a check on his kidney regularly, find and prevent the disease early.

  Since on the early stage of the uremia, the symptom is not clear and it is easy to be ignored. Once the patients feel bad,his disease always be on the later stage. It is why so many people have a terminal uremia and have to support his body by dialysis and renal transplantation.

  The doctor said that almost all kidney disease may appear by the abnormal of urinalysis. So one should have a urinalysis on time. Beyond that, if you have a edema on your eyes and feel weak after get up, you may have a kidney disease.

  So one had better have a check every year on urinalysis and kidney, especially people who have high blood pressure、diabetes or hyperlipidemia.

  Expert warn: Young people should also protect body and have a check regularly. Drink water more、eat light food and have saltless food. Do not have paregoric for a long time, do not smoke and drink little.

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