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The damage of high uric acid to the body

  Long-term high uric acid can cause urate crystal and uric acid crystal ,which will deposit in kidney tubules ,ureter ,renal interstitium and pelvis ,thus causing kidney damage even occur kidney stones .Therefore ,patients should have an immediate treatment ,clear the reasons of occurring high uric acid and have a treatment .Now let me introduce to you about the damage of high uric acid to the body .

  1.Block kidney tubules .When the concentration of uric acid is high will block the renal tubules ,make it will not run smooth .When the kidney tubules was blocked ,patients can occur malignant tumor and leukemia ,for serious will cause the occurrence of renal failure .

  2.Cause some common disease .Gout is the common disease which can cause high uric acid ,which is given priority to with uratoma and acute gout ,such as irregular diet can cause acute gout .

  3.Induce to stones .The accumulation of uric acid can affect the kidney and urinary tract ,cause toxins and calcium accumulation .Long-term accumulation can occur stones of crystallization .The stones caused by high uric acid include urinary stone and kidney stones .

  4.Damage .High uric acid not only can cause kidney stones and damage the kidney ,but also can cause renal interstitium and occur fiber manifestation ,long-term will occur renal failure .

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