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  • Path in Park
    Enjoy this beautiful summer time!

  • Chair
    Sitting in the chair, you can spend your leisure time together.

  • Enjoy the Sunshine
    Have a good rest. Enjoy the quiet environment in hall.

During Treatment

  • Showing medical tests
    Doctor is analyzing the medical tests for Boseda, diabetic nephropathy, from Nigeria.

  • Making the rounds
    Doctor Shan is going the rounds of the wards.

  • During Dialysis
    Priya who suffered from Kidney Failure comes to China with her sister for better treatment.

Patient Experience

  • John Brennan, Hypertensive Nephropathy, USA
    "I feel warm and sweat a lot."

  • Batzori Odgerel, Kidney Failure, Mongolia
    "I can't imagine how I survived all those years."

  • Keemaya, IgA Nephropathy, India
    "Keemaya's urine turned yellow after five-day treatment."

Inpatient Life

  • Cooking
    Pari is cooking Indian foods for her husband at their private kitchen.

  • Tai Chi
    Doc. Sun is teaching Nikhilesh (PKD, from India) Tai Chi.

  • Enjoying outside
    Bojan (ureterostenosis, from Serbia) enjoys his hospitalizations days in the nearby park.