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What are the common symptoms of kidney disease in children?

In our lives, many children have been suffering from childhood kidney disease, the occurrence of this disease has a great impact on the healthy growth of children patients. It is necessary for us to learn more about some of the symptoms of kidney disease in children
Patients with chronic renal insufficiency are often associated with anemia, fatigue, dizziness, pale and other early signs of kidney disease in children. Patients with anemia, except for hematological diseases, should be aware of the presence of chronic renal insufficiency.
Aggressive attack of acute nephritis and chronic glomerulonephritis patients often associated with pharyngitis and tonsillitis and upper respiratory tract and skin infection. Therefore, when suffering from infectious diseases should be checked for routine urine. This is also a common manifestation of children with nephrotic syndrome.
Early uremia patients often appear anorexia, nausea, itching and other symptoms of kidney disease in children. Therefore, these children with nephrotic symptoms, especially those with high blood pressure, anemia, kidney function must be checked.

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