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Can the high creatinine patients only go for dialysis?

Many people have finished creatinine, see the high value, will feel helpless and don't know what to do next. In real life, if you are on the high side, according to your cause, symptoms and so on to do specific treatment, then, high creatinine must be dialysis?
Is the high level of creatinine necessary to do dialysis? Is it possible to look at the patient's physical condition for dialysis?.
Patients with renal failure is usually much higher than the normal value of creatinine, creatinine when the number reached 500 can be considered when dialysis, dialysis creatinine 500 is the critical point! But not all patients need dialysis creatinine reached 500, creatinine 500 is a reference value for most people.
Some patients with creatinine more than 500 general body can not tolerate, then to dialysis, but some patients creatinine more than one thousand then dialysis. How to dialysis, is based on the patient's own set.
Drop creatinine dialysis effect is very good, but patients need to do regular dialysis, slightly relaxed creatinine will rise rapidly, even rise higher than the original, but the long-term kidney dialysis, long time not waste, to completely necrosis, with the gradual decline in renal function, dialysis will be more frequent, through to the finally, namely uremia, dialysis renal transplantation only one way to go.

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