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These 4 kinds of food, is contraindicated in patients with c

There are many patients will ask: what can I eat every day? I heard a lot of food can't eat! Tofu, seafood, nuts, peppers, oranges and bananas, even meat also let us eat less. Can we drink water every day?
In fact, these foods can be reduced in patients with kidney disease, doctors do not allow patients to eat these things, mainly fear that patients can not control the amount of burden to the kidney, causing a recurrence of kidney disease. However, there are 4 kinds of food is a kidney disease patients must not eat, is taboo.
In the production of Carambola wide regions, normal people will eat fruit hematuria. For some substances in carambola can cause glomerular basement membrane and epithelial cell damage, resulting in hematuria.
Not only that, carambola contains a neurotoxin, patient with kidney disease carambola will happen poisoning, and even death. As long as the kidney patients ate a fruit or drink 100 ml of Star fruit juice, carambola toxin in patients with renal disease will bring harm to in a short period of time.
Carambola, kidney disease can not eat.
In Sichuan and Yunnan are often regarded as a salad to eat. But he has diuresis, detumescence effect in traditional Chinese medicine. Although there are diuresis, detumescence, but contains Yuxingcao aristololactam, will cause irreversible damage and resulting in urothelial carcinoma of the kidney.
Therefore, as a food is not recommended for patients with kidney disease, as herbal medicine must be taken according to the doctor's advice.
There are a lot of crayfish reports online, many people eat crayfish cause kidney damage after renal failure and even become. Mainly eat crayfish led to rhabdomyolysis. Refers to the acute skeletal muscle damage and dissolution, releasing large amounts of myoglobin, creatine kinase, muscle cell content in the peripheral blood, a clinical syndrome.
It is the greatest harm is released into the blood of myoglobin is easy to plug the renal tubules, resulting in acute renal failure. Mainly for sudden muscle pain, muscle weakness, urine color of soy sauce.
Therefore, patients with kidney disease can not eat.
High salt food
The normal daily salt intake is 6G, the daily amount of salt in patients with nephropathy is 2 - 3G, or even less. For patients with kidney disease, high salt will increase blood pressure, increase urinary protein excretion, increased edema, and drug resistance, so that the efficacy can not fully play.
In our daily life, many processed foods are high in salt, including ham, Layu bacon, pickles, preserved fruit, canned food contains a lot of salt. Although you do not eat out of salt taste, actually eat a touch on the day the amount of salt, than if preserved.

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