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Good health habits, even result in a bad kidney! How kidney disease patients avoid continuing to hurt the kidney?

Many kidney disease patients are considered, the kidney damage to kidney tonic". This idea is not wrong, the correct way of nourishing kidney is certainly feasible; however, there are a lot of patients misunderstanding, kidney fill head, aggravate the burden of kidney.
Next, let us look at the breakdown of health behaviors that kidney is not anti renal injury "":
Additional protein
Some patients who feel leak protein, protein loss too much will have to come back, and will be in the basis of the daily diet drink extra protein powder. But in fact, the leakage of protein that kidney function has been damaged, additional protein intake will increase the burden on the kidneys, kidney injury in the invisible.
Multiple meats
There are many taboos in nephropathy patients diet. But because some patients do not understand the situation, many times to eat mutton, kidney, liver and kidney of traditional meat, but eventually lead to deterioration.
In fact, lamb of heat, liver and kidney containing high cholesterol enrichment of heavy metals, contains a lot of fat. Either way, are not suitable for patients with kidney disease.
Waiting for a cold cure
Cold is one of the most common causes of kidney disease. But a lot of people after a cold, think its self-healing can improve the body's resistance to disease, and dragged on for a long time. This makes it easy to make the cold worse, leading to recurrence of kidney disease.
Eating a lot of Vegetable & Fruit
Cooking is a good way to Vegetable & Fruit vitamin and cellulose, but did not eat the better. Because most of the benefits are high Vegetable & Fruit potassium, low potassium for kidney row mates, it is easy to aggravate hyperkalemia, endanger the cardiovascular.
In addition, large amplitude motion, eat leek, drinking wine, eating tonic, all are ordinary people with kidney health, she is with renal injury behavior. So we must always pay attention to life.
Patients who want to avoid these renal injury behavior, you need to follow the principle of moderation, the accumulation of many master scientific health knowledge, this behavior does not blindly follow others, listen to the doctor or expert advice, with the authority of the hospital treatment. It's something in the treatment of kidney disease, medicine, succeed in! So, we must abide by the orders, not without "nourishing" oh!

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