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Patients with kidney disease refer to diet

1. What are the taboo of kidney patients?

A reasonable diet of the kidney patient plays an important role in the rehabilitation of the disease. What are the kidney patients eating? How much is appropriate This is not a word to be clear. According to the type of disease, the severity of the disease to develop each person's program.

1. Can kidney patients eat salt, alkali? Our normal adult intake of salt per day about 5-6 grams, and some areas to eat salt per person per day to 12 grams, salt for the sodium chloride, alkali for the sodium carbonate, soda for sodium bicarbonate, eating sodium Alkali too much, easy to make water retention in the human body, induced edema, so patients with renal edema should control the amount of salt into the salt 2-3 grams per person is a low-salt diet. No salt diet is not scientific, a long time easy to fatigue, dizziness and so on.

2. How much should kidney patients drink? Normal urine normal day 1-2 kg, acute nephritis, acute renal failure oliguria and nephrotic syndrome, chronic renal failure with oliguria edema patients, to control the water into the water. Because the drink into the row does not go out, water retention in the human body increased edema, but also easy to increase high blood pressure, water intake at this time to 500 ml plus urine is appropriate Increase the amount of urine after the water can be relaxed. And normal urine output of the patient is not limited to water. In addition, urinary tract infection in patients such as acute pyelonephritis, urethritis, cystitis, etc., in addition to timely treatment of medication, more water, more urination on the rehabilitation of the disease is very favorable.

3. Can kidney patients eat fish, shrimp, eggs, meat? Fish and shrimp food, and some kidney patients consciously do not eat, that the kidney is not good, in fact, such food for high-quality protein, in allergic diseases such as allergic purpura, purpura nephritis due to suspected heterosexual protein allergies or fish Shrimp allergic history should be used with caution, the general is no taboo. Fish, shrimp, eggs, meat food is rich in animal protein, is the human body cells, the organization of the main structural materials, the human body is very important to eat protein food after the liver decomposition, renal excretion, so when the kidney function, Reduce the amount of protein into the body to meet the nutritional needs of nutrition, without increasing the burden of the principle of the kidney. Some patients with kidney disease is not serious and not dare to eat protein, or the disease need to limit the protein and do not care are not correct.

4. Some kidney patients long course of disease, slow recovery, often discuss each other, exchange of information, experience. It should be noted that each person has its own characteristics, do not follow each other.

5. Do not overeating, do not eat unclean food.

2.kidney disease diet taboo

1, easy to eat light digestible food, bogey seafood, beef, lamb, spicy spicy food, wine and all hair things such as: spiced, coffee, parsley, etc .; especially Yin patients such as: Large, night sweats, dry stool, hematuria embolism; but yang deficiency patients such as: pale tongue, white, pulse Shen, cold body cold, thin, edible food.

2, Yixi fresh vegetables and the right amount of fruit, proper drinking water; eat all tonic, tonic and easy to lit food such as: chili, lychee, chocolate and so on. Especially yin deficiency, such as tongue purple, pulse stagnation, chest tightness, abdominal distension and other patients with stasis.

3, all patients with nephropathy disable neomycin, streptomycin, gentamicin, Guanmutong and automatic immunization of the injection.

4, uremic patients to maintain smooth stool, daily defecation 2 ∽ 3 times is appropriate, do not stay up all night, restraint of life, pay attention to rest, to avoid cold.

5, have taken hormones, should be based on specific circumstances under the guidance of physicians to reduce the amount of hormone and the number of times.

6, edema should avoid salt, limiting the amount of protein food intake, less drinking water. Edema is not heavy, can enter the low sodium diet; no edema does not limit the amount of water and protein food intake; microscopic hematuria and should be lit more water, eat more apples, sugar, black sesame seeds, fungus and other blood Of food.

7, uremia hyperkalemia can not eat high potassium foods such as: bananas, citrus, potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkin, tea, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate; low blood potassium patients the opposite.

8, high blood uric acid, especially not eat animal offal, fish and crab clam, beer, mushrooms, beans, spinach.

9, during the treatment, if a cold, fever, infection, and so on, emergency contact with the specialist in order to timely treatment, to avoid increased complications.

3. Diet in patients with kidney disease

1, the diet to eat some light, avoid eating wine and spicy food, Eat greasy and animal protein containing more than the Hunxing food (such as fat, shrimp, crab, etc.)

2, boiled beans and their products (such as tofu, bean sprouts, soy flour, etc.)

3, edema, hypertension, heart failure, should eat less salt or salt-free diet.

4, renal insufficiency, uremic patients to note more special meaning:

① fasting beans and their products, Eat nuts (such as: walnuts, chestnuts, almonds, etc.) and pickled foods (such as pickles, pickles, etc.).

② daily intake of high protein (such as lean meat, milk, eggs, etc.) should be controlled. According to the patient's condition, the average adult 2-3 times a day or so, and 3-5 times consumption.

③ renal failure in the kidney drainage capacity is limited, need to control the intake of water, the proposed formula: water = the day before the total urine output +500-800 ml.

④ In order to make creatinine, urea nitrogen can increase the discharge, it is necessary to make the toilet smooth, stool would rather two or three times a day and not two or three days. Melon, watermelon, gourd can diuretic, red bean soup, black bean soup, mung bean soup, put sugar to drink, heat diuretic. Honey, bananas, raw pears, radish, walnut meat, black sesame seeds, can laxative, these foods can be used with drugs, often used.

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