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Can pyelonephritis cause hydronephrosis?

Pyelonephritis can cause hydronephrosis? Many patients with pyelonephritis worry about their disease will cause hydronephrosis, so when the patient learned that he had pyelonephritis, often feel worried, then, pyelonephritis can cause hydronephrosis What is the risk of pyelonitis? What harm will we now? We are now invited to the United States kidney disease hospital experts to solve everyone's doubts, see how experts are introduced, hoping to help patients.

Pyelonephritis can cause hydronephrosis? Experts tell us that pyelonephritis generally does not lead to hydronephrosis, and ureteral stenosis, the proposed surgical treatment. Experts recommend natural immune balance therapy through the classic series of traditional Chinese medicine symptoms and remedies, compound liquid immune balance therapy and traditional Chinese medicine treatment system directly applied to the kidney lesion site, repair damaged kidney cells, and thus to correct the body immunity, body fluids, endocrine disorders Imbalance, so that the body's immune balance completely restored, the activation of renal function, to achieve the effect of healing kidney disease.

Experts pointed out that pyelonephritis is a common infectious diseases, women are high incidence of people, pyelonephritis is pided into chronic nephritis and acute nephritis, chronic nephritis early without any symptoms, late may lead to high blood pressure and uremia. Acute nephritis treatment if not completely easy to relapse, will be converted into chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis patients may be chronic bacterial pyelonephritis acute attack, and pediatric patients. Fever is only seen in acute episodes, no acute onset of pyelonephritis patients may be asymptomatic. When chronic pyelonephritis into the late and involving the bilateral kidney, there may be hypertension, anemia and azotemia related symptoms.

Pyelonephritis can cause hydronephrosis? Through the above content of the solution, I believe we are now on this issue are very clear,  kidney disease hospital wish you a speedy recovery. If you have what is not clear where you can directly contact our online experts, I believe that experts will give you a more detailed answer.

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