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What is the difference of polycystic kidney and kidney cyst

Now we may usually understand some of the disease, some more familiar with the disease, we can be very good to distinguish, but for some of the more rare, there is the name of the more similar to the disease, we may not be very good to distinguish , For example, these two polycystic kidney and kidney cysts, heard the two sick people, it is easy to confuse them, then in the end polycystic kidney and kidney cyst What is the difference? I believe that sick patients are very want to know, and now let me tell you to the hope that we will be useful.

Polycystic kidney and kidney cyst What is the difference

1 first we from the concept point of view, renal cysts are some of our kidneys ranging from the size of the lumps, these lumps and the outside of the cystic mass is not connected, is generally referred to, and renal cysts can be pided into polycystic kidney disease, but also There is simple renal cysts and acquired renal cysts.

2, for the polycystic kidney, there is a certain genetic may be, the genetic method is inherited, if the parents have polycystic kidney disease, then the offspring is half of the possibility of suffering from polycystic kidney disease, but the cysts do not There will be genetic, for cysts, cysts will only increase over time.

3 Finally, we talk about the difference between the two treatment methods for the treatment of polycystic kidney disease, it is best not to surgery to treat, because the recurrence of surgery may be great for renal cysts, if it is benign, then in the Usually drug control cyst growth can be, and for the malignant, cysts developed rapidly, it is recommended early surgical treatment


Suffering from these two diseases to the professional treatment of nephropathy hospital for a comprehensive diagnosis and consultation, so that patients understand their condition, that the severity of the disease, with the serious words of the corresponding professional treatment and care, while prescribed from life and diet Note that to avoid exacerbations.

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