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8 bad habits that hurt the kidneys

what can hurt the kidneys?In recent years, many people are through a variety of drugs to protect the kidneys, in fact, in the life of the formation of a variety of bad diet and living habits in the non-stop damage to your kidney, but you have not noticed it. So to protect your kidneys, you must start by changing the bad diet and lifestyle.

kidneys hurt not enough water

Most of the men do not have much interest in drinking water, do not even think it is important, but in fact this is likely to cause serious physical harm. Our body's metabolic waste is mainly treated by the liver and kidneys. Only 1% of the body's kidneys are receiving a quarter of the heart's blood output, and 1 to 2 liters of blood per minute passes through the kidneys. Of the waste is far more than other organs organs. The most important thing about the kidneys is to mediate the balance of moisture and electrolytes in the body, metabolize the waste produced by physiological activities, and in the urine, but in the conduct of these functions, the need for adequate water to assist.

kidneys hurt after drinking

If you have been suffering from kidney disease, and unlimited to drink a lot of beer, uric acid deposition will lead to renal tubular obstruction, resulting in kidney failure.

Edible vegetables and fruits improper

Eat more fruits and vegetables are healthy, this is the concept of the average person, but for people with chronic renal dysfunction, these fruits and vegetables are usually considered to help natural blood pressure in the food containing high potassium ingredients, long-term consumption but will cause them Destruction of renal function. In fact, poor renal function for people, potassium is also an increase in the composition of kidney work, great harm to the kidney.

Instead of boiling water with a drink

Most of the men do not love the boiled water of the tasteless, compared to soft drinks, cola and other carbonated drinks or coffee and other drinks of course become the best alternative to boiled water. However, these beverages contain caffeine, often lead to increased blood pressure, and high blood pressure, is one of the important factors of kidney injury.

Eat too much meat

Human daily intake of protein per kilogram of body weight of 0.8 grams, that is a weight of 50 kg of people, only 40 grams of protein per day intake, so the day can not eat more than 300 grams of meat, so as to avoid too much on the kidneys Of the injury.

Abuse of painkillers

Studies have shown that long-term use of mixed pain medication, the body's blood flow rate will be forced to reduce, it will seriously affect the function of the kidney. Such as compound aminopyrine linfentine tablets, it is easy to hurt the kidneys. In addition, it is worth noting that pain medication caused by renal failure patients are also more prone to bladder cancer.

Eat too much salt

Salt, is to increase the burden of kidney an important culprit. 95% of our salt in the diet is metabolized by the kidneys, intake too much, the burden on the kidney was forced to increase, coupled with salt in the sodium will lead to human body is not easy to discharge, and further increase the burden on the kidneys, Which led to the decline of renal function.

Stress is too high to cause blood pressure

High blood pressure, has become a major threat to modern health, a large part of the work because of excessive pressure on life, which indirectly affect the normal operation of the kidneys. Common symptoms of stress are insomnia, men's blood pressure is higher than women 5 to 10 mm Hg higher, and insomnia will cause an average increase in blood pressure 2 to 5 mm Hg.

More than eight bad habits, it is very easy to damage the kidneys, if you have the above habits must be corrected to avoid the occurrence of the disease, if you need to have a detailed understanding, you can consult our online experts, our experts will give You reply.


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