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Clinical evaluation of Chinese medicine physicians in hospital

In order to further enhance the Chinese medicine hospital doctors in clinical skills, strengthen the comprehensive ability of physicians in hospital, Tongshantang Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine recently held a Chinese physician in hospital clinical skills examination.
This assessment covers Chinese dialectical theory of governance ability and disease diagnosis, prescription knowledge, operation skill, auxiliary examination and medication safety ability etc., it is the leak filled to the clinical problems, and enhance the level of the whole hospital medical initiatives. In order to ensure the standardization and effectiveness of the examination, the hospital has organized more than ten experts in Chinese medicine as the invigilator.
After 3 days of examination, Chinese doctors in the hospital have demonstrated a wealth of knowledge reserves and excellent professional ability. At the same time, through the assessment of the examination hospital physicians comprehensive business ability, improve the quality of medical treatment, to ensure medical safety.
It is the responsibility of every doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to carry forward the Chinese medicine culture, give full play to the advantages of Chinese medicine and consolidate the characteristic therapies of Chinese medicine." Shi Wei, President of the hospital, said that the hospital will continue to train more and assess the quality and professionalism of medical staff, so as to provide better medical services for patients.
Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine experts suggest that TCM nephropathy in hospital pision must pass the clinical practice skills assessment, improve their professional knowledge and skills. At the same time with charities through this assessment to evaluate kidney specialist in training personnel in hospital of traditional Chinese medicine physicians to master the basic theory, basic knowledge, basic skills, test standardized training of clinical teaching actual effect, to further promote the training work of Chinese resident physicians to carry out standard, improve the quality of training, improve the level of teachers in College of traditional Chinese medicine.

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