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What is the difficulty of urinating in patients with hydronephrosis?

The occurrence of hydronephrosis serious impact on the health of patients with kidney, once the emergence of hydronephrosis, we have to do a good job early treatment, to seize the best treatment time, so as to be able to get rid of some of the water from the troubles, Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine experts to introduce the treatment of hydronephrosis of the disease are what? Conservative treatment: nephrolithia, mild disease progress, renal function has reached a balance and stable state can be observed, but should regularly check the progress of water Happening. Can be self-lifting obstruction, such as pregnant women, physiological hydronephrosis.

Surgical treatment: surgical indications: progressive hydronephrosis, clinical symptoms, renal function decreased, the cause of obstruction is clear, there are complications, should be surgical treatment. Surgical treatment of the principle: to lift the obstruction caused by hydronephrosis: such as stones should be removed; the release of fibrous cord or vagal vascular oppression; benign prostatic hyperplasia feasible removal or removal. Severe hydronephrosis caused by loss of renal function in the ipsilateral or severe infection empyema, but the contralateral renal function is good, feasible nephrectomy. Hydronephrosis caused by poor kidney function, contralateral kidney due to poor functioning of other diseases, and even uremia, hydronephrosis should first kidney fistula, to be restored renal function, and then further treatment of obstruction. Bilateral hydronephrosis, pay attention to exclude the cause of lower urinary tract obstruction. General treatment of the first side of the situation, to be improved after the situation, and then deal with serious side. Usually do the side of the renal fistula.

Kidney calyx water, funnel obstruction caused by stones, such as no clinical symptoms, generally no surgery. The principle of plastic surgery, pay attention to normal renal ureter anatomical relationship, to maintain the smooth flow of renal ureter, anastomosis should be the lowest in the renal pelvis. Anastomosis to prevent varus, and strive to suture after the funnel-like. Repair as much as possible when the fibrous tissue adhesion scar removal, do not hurt the blood supply, appropriate to retain the surrounding adipose tissue to cover the operation. On the infection of the hydronephrosis how to know that we have read the small series after the introduction of the understanding also hope to understand the hydronephrosis of these treatments, in the future once the hydronephrosis, we have to do a good job Treatment to seize the best treatment time, so as to be able to stay away from the hydronephrosis early, out of the troubles of hydronephrosis.


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