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What is the risk of hydronephrosis?

The risk of hydronephrosis: cause renal atrophy. Renal atrophy is the main cause of hydronephrosis. Due to urinary tract obstruction caused by obstruction of urine, renal pelvis expansion, increased renal pressure, renal vascular pressure, resulting in progressive renal ischemia atrophy, destruction, renal damage. Heavy kidney into a large capsule without function. Mild hydronephrosis, when the lifting of obstruction, the renal pelvis can be restored, and severe water, atrophy of renal tissue is difficult to repair.

Leading to kidney stones. Stones block the urethra with hydronephrosis; hydronephrosis and induced stone formation, the two each other cause and effect, infected bacteria, pus balls, necrotic tissue cells become the core of the formation of stones. In particular, the urine of the infected salt is precipitated into a stone. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the causes of hydronephrosis, prevention, treatment and other knowledge. Leading to huge hydronephrosis. Due to renal parenchyma is very thin, renal tension is too large, easily lead to traumatic rupture or spontaneous tension rupture, complicated by acute peritonitis, a serious threat to life safety. Leading to urinary tract infection. As the saying goes, the water does not rot. Due to urinary retention in the kidney, the ureter, conducive to bacterial growth and reproduction, complicated by pyelonephritis, ureteritis, cystitis or perineal inflammation.

Etiology of children with hydronephrosis: ureteral obstruction: This is caused by kidney water common diseases, the reason is that a short section of the ureteral stenosis caused by obstruction, resulting in the urine of the kidney is not easy to flow to the bladder, stagnation in the kidney. Usually as long as the ureteral stenosis of a section of resection, and then re-connected to keep the ureter smooth, you can improve the situation of hydronephrosis. Urine countercurrent: in normal circumstances, the urine is from the kidney through the ureter to reach the bladder, and then excreted; urine countercurrent is the urine from the bladder back to the ureter, and even back to the kidney of an abnormal phenomenon. At this point, the kidney will be ready to flow to the bladder of urine, and back from the bladder back to the urine, this time the kidney will be too much water, causing hydronephrosis. The risk of hydronephrosis, we must correctly understand and grasp, because the hydronephrosis damage, so that patients bear a small torture, want to avoid the occurrence of disease hazards, we grasp the risk of hydronephrosis After, but also must be active to the professional top three hospitals to treat diseases, thereby completely reducing the incidence of disease hazards.


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