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Tongshantang:Urine occult blood urine?


What is the relation and difference between "latent urine" and "hematuria"?

Originally, "hematuria" refers to contain urine red blood cells, red blood cell is originally present in the blood, because of various reasons but ran to urine, urine was found in red blood cells can be called "hematuria", found in red blood cells on microscope, by inspection or special computer recognition system to make the test results. "Urine occult blood" is a urine test in hemoglobin, hemoglobin is the main structure of the red cell component, is a kind of natural red pigment protein, and red blood cells (blood) is the reason why red. Intact erythrocytes release hemoglobin after breaking down. Hemolytic disease (such as bean disease, thalassemia), if the red blood cell damage, to release the hemoglobin in the blood, when free hemoglobin in the blood quantity is more, it will go to a part of the hemoglobin urine, the urine analysis can detect urine occult blood (urine occult blood) "but there is the detection of urinary red blood cells (unless patients with hematuria exist at the same time).

On the other hand, the modern test technology in order to fast, often using indirect methods to detect "hematuria" method is the detection of red blood cell main component, hemoglobin, hemoglobin if exists, is the "urine occult blood" (positive), there is no hemoglobin is the "urine occult blood" negative (-). In this way, said in front of the hemolytic disease, urine can also be urine occult blood positive, obviously this is not what we say "hematuria", medicine called hemoglobinuria". In some cases, can cause urinary occult blood positive ", such as urine in myoglobin (found in muscle cells, bruised, muscle disease earthquake can be released into the urine), can also" urine occult blood positive ", called" myoglobinuria". Therefore, simply say, "urine occult blood" is just a "potential hematuria" is not necessarily a real computer automatic system for rapid detection of hematuria! "Urine analysis" in the "urine occult blood" project only as "hemoglobinuria" detection and diagnosis of hematuria screening, really rely on direct detection of urine hematuria red blood cell!

Another point to remind you: latent (hidden) blood urine also has the "false positive"! In addition to said hemoglobinuria, myoglobinuria and true hematuria can appear urine check when true urine occult blood positive, the following situation can also appear false positive urine occult blood:

(1) reasons for testing equipment: such as excessive sensitivity of urine analysis instrument, expired test paper, deterioration and so on;

(2) the cause of urine samples: if the urine contains bacteria (which has bacteriuria or urine, not fresh, bacterial contamination), contains oxidizing substances or contains enzymes that can break down peroxides.

So, see the urine test results of urinary occult blood has several () do not have blind concerns, to analyze the reasons may find in the doctor's help, listen to the doctor's explanation.

difference between hemoglobinuria and hematuria

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