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How to treat kidney disease hematuria

Renal disease hematuria is the performance of kidney damage kidney disease hematuria is the patient's hematuria from the damaged glomeruli, once the renal disease hematuria on the patient's kidney tissue has been different degrees of damage, so that the glomerular permeability Increased leakage from the face of red blood cells. Nephrotic hematuria in the clinical manifestations of simple nephrotic hematuria, or hematuria with proteinuria, more common in primary glomerular diseases, such as IgA nephropathy, mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis, focal glomerulosclerosis, renal cyst , Polycystic kidney disease, can also be seen in secondary glomerular diseases such as purpura nephritis, lupus nephritis. For how to treat renal disease hematuria, the answer is not the same. Because renal disease hematuria can occur in different glomerular diseases, so the treatment of renal disease hematuria are also different. Nephropathy hematuria treatment is not timely, the patient will appear recurrent situation, leading to the disease can not be effectively controlled, so that kidney disease patients with kidney damage increased, and ultimately lead to uremia. So how to treat kidney disease hematuria has been a particular concern for patients with kidney disease. How to treat hematuria in patients with hematuria is mainly concentrated in: the patient's hematuria is a temporary disappear (such as a cold infection will be repeated), or long-term stability to be controlled, that is, damaged glomerular return to normal, no longer Leakage of hematuria. Micro-traditional Chinese medicine treatment of renal disease is focused on hematuria from the hematuria of the fundamental start, repair damaged glomerular, to solve the problem of glomerular permeability. So after micro-penetration of traditional Chinese medicine after treatment of renal disease hematuria patients, as long as the doctor in strict accordance with the instructions medication, the recurrence rate greatly reduced. Because kidney disease hematuria can occur in different kidney disease, which IgA nephropathy hematuria can be independent of the symptoms of patients with patients, so the specific treatment of renal disease hematuria treatment can not be a word or a prescription can be clear. Different renal disease hematuria treatment have different programs, but also with other drugs at the same time for treatment.

How to treat kidney disease hematuria

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