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Do hematuria be a kidney disease?

Sometimes, we will find their own urine color is very red, it seems that there is naked eye hematuria, often against the enemy. In fact, many "hematuria" is not caused by kidney disease, there are many "hematuria" and the disease has nothing to do.

1, food and drug-induced hematuria: For example: certain drugs (such as rifampicin), food (such as poor quality candy) with a lot of pigment, will lead to urine red, in fact, there is no red blood cells. Treatment: stop the intake of these drugs and food, the red urine will disappear.

2, non-kidney disease caused by hematuria: urinary system to the outside of the red blood cells mixed into them, common vaginal, foreskin, anal and other parts of the bleeding. Treatment: Leave the urine to pay attention not to contaminate the urine, and timely treatment of these organs of the disease.

3, functional hematuria: some healthy children standing too long or severe exercise after hematuria. This is because the movement of glomerular blood filtration increased, causing its permeability changes lead to hematuria. Treatment: functional hematuria is often a transient, after the break will disappear.

4, nephrotoxic drugs hematuria: the child taking some of the drugs toxic to the kidneys (like a cold pass, etc.), there will be hematuria. This is due to the damage to the urinary system caused by drugs. Treatment: the symptoms will disappear after a timely withdrawal. However, a small number of children may have a potential organic disease, leading to hematuria after taking medicine. Therefore, parents can not arbitrarily give their children medication.

5, simple hematuria: some children in addition to hematuria, no other systemic symptoms, no renal damage. This situation is known in medicine as "simple hematuria". Previously encountered this situation, the doctor will carry out renal biopsy, to the children a lot of pain. However, it turns out that "simple hematuria" in a considerable part of children is completely normal. Therefore, only a hematuria is not necessary to immediately do kidney puncture, but can not immediately think that is suffering from kidney disease, like occasionally due to tension or other mental factors caused by higher than normal blood pressure can not be diagnosed as hypertension.

Treatment: "simple hematuria" children without special treatment, outpatient follow-up can be. If hematuria for more than 1 year, during the abnormal situation (such as blood pressure, proteinuria), you should immediately go to the hospital for further examination (such as renal biopsy).

Do hematuria be a kidney disease?

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