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Do not let the mischief and hematuria and proteinuria goes wrong again

The normal color of urine is yellow, clear and transparent. Hematuria does not need to see, all know is red, but red urine is not necessarily hematuria. If the red urine, must not be ignored, to determine whether urine hematuria. If the urine test found that each high magnification is more than 3 red blood cells can be determined is hematuria.
We often see proteinuria, usually accompanied by a lot of foam, and the bubble for a long time is not easy to dissipate. But notice the difference between bubble urine and albuminuria, not all bubble urine is albuminuria. The easiest way is to identify urine.
Patients with the above two symptoms should pay attention to their own diet: 1, pay attention to strengthen physical exercise, enhance the body's immunity and disease resistance. To avoid the cold, easy to cause the infection factors of recurrence, aggravation of proteinuria; 2, develop a good way of life, get rid of bad habits, reduce the burden on the kidneys; the rest, may be appropriate to sweat through exercise, a small amount of toxins through sweat from the body, reducing the burden on the kidneys; to maintain a good attitude, adjust their emotions that is conducive to the recovery of the disease. 3, control diet structure, follow the "five low and one high" diet principle, namely low potassium, low salt, low phosphorus, low fat, low protein and high vitamin.

Do not let the mischief and hematuria and proteinuria goes wrong again

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