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I am an occult nephritis (Asymptomatic hematuria or proteinuria+) patient,can i be pregnant to have a baby?

Years of clinical experience and observation show that occult nephritis patients can be pregnant, but should achieve clinical cured which means without albuminuria and High blood pressure kidney disease symptoms.

In addition, there are many tips needed to be attention to:

1.Regular routine urine inspection, blood pressure measurement, and the kidney function checking should be done.Especially in late pregnancy, should check routine urine for 2 times per week , measure blood pressure every day, check kidney function every 1 ~ 2 weeks .

2.Pay attention to the lifestyle, regular work and rest.Have a reasonable diet, strictly limit salt intake, guarantee the nutrition, the supplement of sufficient vitamin, protein and essential amino acid to enhance physical fitness and reduce infection.Ensure adequate rest and sleep.

3.Pay attention to cold and keep warm, prevent the upper respiratory tract infection, pay attention to the perineum clean, avoid sex life to reduce urinary tract infection.

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