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For ESRD patients, most are under hemodialysis. The hemodialysis is the most common way. Its disadvantage is that, it can only help to clear micro-molecule toxins, such as creatinine, urea, uric acid etc. However, for the middle-molecule toxins (β2-microglobulin, IL-6, CysC, PTH) and macro-molecule toxins ( RBP, HCY), the common hemodialysis can not work. Just because of these middle- and macro-molecule toxins depositing in patients’ body for a long time which can not be cleared sufficiently, so patients’ condition worsen day by day ( whole immunity declines, kidney function declines, urine output declines, complications occur etc.)

As the largest kidney disease specialized hospital in China, except the systematic Chinese herbal therapies, we also have huge blood purification center to conduct developed ways to help ESRD patients: high-flux Hemodiaysis, Hemofiltration, Hemodiafiltration, Hemoperfusion, Immunoadsorption, Plasma Exchange etc. which can discharge all of the micromolecule toxins, middle molecule toxins and macromolecule toxins sufficiently. Totally we have 196 kinds of blood purification schemes. Our experts and professors will make best scheme based on each patient’s specific condition.

Compare with common hemodialysis, usually after these developed blood purification treatment, patients will feel more energy, more powerful, more comfortable.

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