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What should kidney patients pay attention to in autumn?

For patients with chronic nephritis, in the autumn of tasting delicious food, we must pay attention to their diet taboo, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys. Patients with kidney disease are advised to be vegetarian, supplemented by meat, pay attention to meat and vegetables with a reasonable diet, pay attention to the reasonable collocation of meat diet, nutrients and minerals to reasonable intake, helps to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. In addition to diet collocation, we should also pay attention to the following aspects:
First, strictly limit the diet
Especially for patients with impaired renal function has a more special importance. Chronic nephritis patient's diet should be light is appropriate, to promote "less and fine", both easy to absorb and rich in nutritious products, avoid spicy and stimulating foods. Daily diet, should eat sugar and starchy foods, because these foods in vivo metabolism will not increase the burden on the kidneys. At the same time should eat foods rich in vitamins, especially food rich in vitamin C, carotene and the like fresh vegetables and fruits. But for high potassium, or its cold or partial hot orange oranges, bananas, persimmon,  chestnut and so on should not eat much.
Second, reasonable control of blood pressure
Recommended kidney disease patients to develop regular self-test blood pressure habits, if the blood pressure is stable, measure once a month; in the blood pressure fluctuations, the need for ground test, you can measure 2 times in the morning and night, until the blood pressure control is stable. Moreover, blood pressure itself is not laborious, and will not take up much time, but better manage their own condition.
Third, do not abuse drugs.
The most common drugs that cause damage to the kidneys are all kinds of painkillers, cold medications, certain antibiotics, traditional Chinese medicines containing GuanMuTong and contrast agents should have reasonable application under the guidance of a doctor, chronic kidney patients should be avoided as much as possible the use of these drugs, so as not to aggravate the original kidney disease.
Four, jog or brisk walking
Running is the easiest way to exercise, if it is hard to run, then practice from fast walking, because there is no lactic acid accumulation, so this way of movement can be a little longer.
Five, control blood sugar, blood lipids and obesity.
Glycolipid metabolism disorders, obesity can lead to and aggravate kidney disease, control blood sugar, blood lipids can effectively delay the progress of kidney disease. Therefore, appropriate exercise, weight loss is beneficial to the prevention of kidney disease.

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