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How many do you know about these 5 kinds of food that control blood sugar?

High blood sugar has become a common topic in our daily life, we must monitor the changes in their blood sugar. Pay more attention to your health......
Can clearly tell you that high blood sugar may not necessarily be diabetes, but patients with diabetes will be high blood sugar. If your fasting blood glucose is above 6.1 mmol / L for a long time, you will be diagnosed with diabetes. Normal fasting blood glucose was 3.9 - 6.1 mmol / L. So, in our daily life must be good to yourself, always pay attention to the health of the family.
For people with high blood sugar, it is important to control blood sugar through diet. So, today, we will introduce some of the control of blood sugar has an auxiliary effect of food......
No matter when, apple can always show its invincible". To deal with high blood sugar also has an effect, apple can and its own sugar, high blood sugar is not only harmless to eat apples, eating an apple a day after meals can better control their blood sugar content.
It looks like there's a lot of juice. But those rich in fruit juice grapefruit accidentally contains a diabetic patient need insulin composition, the insulin composition can better reduce the sugar content, plays the role of lowering blood sugar.
Black fungus
Auricularia auricula contains Auricularia auricula polysaccharide, vitamin, protein, carotene, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron and other minerals. Animal experiments show that Auricularia polysaccharide can reduce the blood glucose of diabetic mice. Black fungus can stir fry or stew, also can be used as ingredients.
Sweet non-toxic, have Buzhong effect. Pumpkin contains glucose can inhibit the absorption of fructose, can be combined with excess cholesterol in the body, to prevent excessive cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis effect. Pumpkin contains adenine, pentosan, mannitol and many other substances beneficial to humans, and promote the role of insulin secretion. Patients with diabetes to eat pumpkin 100 grams a day, to improve the symptoms of good results.
Sexual Weixin temperature, sweet white, is a favorite vegetable. Onions contain not only stimulate insulin synthesis and secretion of substances for the treatment of diabetes, and the content of prostaglandin A and amino acids, expansion of blood vessels, regulating blood fat, prevent arteriosclerosis. Therefore, the most suitable for diabetes with dyslipidemia.
Can effectively improve the high blood sugar, yam in the slip component is also formed by mucin. Mucin can wrap up other food in the intestines, which makes it slowly absorbed. This role can inhibit the sharp rise in blood glucose after meals, but also to avoid excess insulin secretion, so that blood glucose is better regulation. Yam also contains essential components of insulin secretion, such as magnesium and zinc, as well as vitamin B1, vitamin B2., these components promote the metabolism of glucose in the blood. In addition, the yam also contains amylase, which is digested carbohydrate enzyme, can make blood SugarNo longer accumulation.

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