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The introduction of occult blood

Maybe we are not very understanding of occult blood, only know about it in the lab. In fact, the occult blood is just red blood cells which can not observed the existence through the naked eye or under the microscope, but if the test paper with a reaction, why is this? Because when the red blood cells were destroyed, the inclusion of heme will be released, so the urine test rod to detect the reaction of heme. But why the red blood cells break up before leaving the body, may be the life of the red blood cells itself has come, like a bubble-like self-dissolved, it may be drunk a lot of water, urine becomes weak, the tension is reduced, the red blood cells and thus rupture , No matter how there are occult blood, we must pay attention to it.What the cause of occult blood?

The cause of occult blood

Drain samples can generally be attributed to the following three reasons, one inflammation, one stone, and then the tumor. On the inflammatory aspects, such as glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, cystitis, etc., in addition to the possible occurrence of hematuria, urine examination will have occult blood, stones itself, whether kidney, ureter or bladder stones, may cause occult blood, other situations: such as the physiological period, constipation may also cause occult blood.
What is really worrying is that the tumor is caused by the occult blood, such as kidney, bladder, ureter benign or malignant tumor, of course, older men because of prostatic hypertrophy because more urine, bladder irritability, prostate surface blood vessels, Urine is also difficult, may occur hematuria or occult blood in the case of urination, in fact, prostatic hypertrophy can be considered a kind of tumor, it is prostate gland tumor, due to hyperplasia and hypertrophy, so the urinary tract tumor is not take it lightly.
Basically, occult blood in different ages and sex also have different considerations, for example, young women found urinary occult urine, in addition to clinical symptoms, should ask whether the physiological period, cystitis is a common cause; but if it is 30- 40-year-old male, if there is no obvious symptoms of inflammation, and sometimes should take pictures of abdominal X-ray, to see if there is the possibility of stones, older men's hematuria or occult blood, prostatic hypertrophy as a major consideration, it should accept further intravenous renal pelvic imaging or ultrasonography to see if there is a tumor in the urinary system.
In addition, the urine cytology examination to see whether the urine shedding of the urinary system epithelium is the presence of malignant cells, but also one of the methods to detect whether there is a malignant tumor, if X-ray examination, ultrasound examination and urine Cytology tests are normal, there is still the existence of occult blood, it is best to accept the bladder urethroscopy, because X-ray, ultrasound is limited, not all tumors can be displayed, this time only with the naked eye directly to observe the smaller Lesions (bladder urethral mirror), and if these tests are no normal discovery, we will be this occult blood or hematuria called "benign cause of unknown hematuria", may be related to the body's immune system, only need to track regularly in the future .

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