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Attention should be paid to the care of children with nephropathy

Attention should be paid to the care of children with nephropathy

Nursing care of children with nephropathy is very important in the treatment of children with kidney disease
What are the nursing care of children with nephropathy?
First, the child's kidney care for children regularly trimmed nails to prevent scratching the skin, causing infection
Two, regular bathing for children, to keep the skin clean. Action should be gentle when operating, so as not to damage the skin
Three, children's clothing should be soft and loose, timely replacement after the pollution. The nursing care of children with kidney disease, including the bed should be kept clean and dry, smooth without wrinkles
Four, male children with obvious scrotal edema, can be used to hold up the bag, and pay attention to maintain local cleanliness
Five, turn over time, and massage the pressure parts, in order to promote the local operation of Qi and blood

The symptoms of kidney disease in children and the matters needing attention in life

Children younger than 3 years of age are also referred to as kidney disease

Infants and young children with the following symptoms: 1, systemic edema, proteinuria, 2, low blood pressure, blood pressure, blood glucose, abdominal distension, and other symptoms, such as: 3, low blood cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, and other symptoms, such as high cholesterol and gastrointestinal symptoms, vomiting, abdominal distension and so on

Acute renal failure, mainly in acute nephritis, hemolytic uremic syndrome, nephrotic syndrome, drug poisoning, poisoning (gall, gall, venom, poison), emergency dialysis treatment serious.

If you have kidney disease in infants and young children, what should be paid attention to in life?

First, the children should not be tired. To pay special attention to the arrangement of the children's work and rest time, full rest

Second, children should not eat much food. Salt on blood pressure is not reduced to normal children, this is important! In the swelling and hypertension disappeared, it can be changed to ordinary diet, but also to light, not too salty. Steamed Buns and soda crackers also contain sodium, do not let children eat can make. The children eat some fresh fruits and vegetables, to supplement the body of vitamin.

Third, children's clothes to frequently change, and often take a bath to keep the skin clean, to prevent skin infections

Fourth, children should not go to public places, at home to keep indoor air fresh

Fifth, strictly follow the doctor's advice, should not be arbitrarily reduced or stopped.

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