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Sleep can also invigorate the kidney, Chinese medicine metho

For the present people, both men and women face the burden of life is not small, and in which the health of the kidney and the body have a close connection. And the dazzling choice on the market has made many people hesitate. But in fact, as long as you pay attention to, even sleep can also help us kidney, and contribute to the health of a force. Let's take a look at the content of this, and hope to give you practical help.
There are two sleeping positions for which the kidney can be selected"Lying: natural body flat, hip relaxed, legs like ring, feet relative, heel straight into the perineum (if the best against the best heart put in the hands of perineum) near the thigh, abdomen toward the palm. Supine, due to the larger size of the bed, less pressure, the body easier to relax. The relaxation of the body and a certain posture can quickly fill the Yang Qi and kidney qi. Kidney yang is equivalent to the gate size of a real fire, the key is to see the vitality of Mingmen Yang adequacy. Put this posture, in order to be more conducive to the kidney yang enough, the role of this type of kidney is obvious.
The "Hunyuan lying lying again to enhance the level of the training is mixed without lying supine, feet relative, legs like ring, hands overlap or cross gently on the head, palms facing the head of lily. This posture can not only invigorate the kidney qi, but also relax the head. It has a better therapeutic effect on insomnia and neurasthenia. The above two arms in a circle, can make the kidney to genital go, but pulled into the depths of the zhongwan. Below, legs surrounded by a circle, is conducive to the whole body Qi and blood circulation along the legs to the middle of the body.
Sleep kidney problems need attention
The two kind of posture, will tighten the liver and kidneys, liver and kidney to exercise.
The release is the premise of good "hip before sleeping and lying Hunyuan gong. The hip is not loose, "lying" time can not be sustained, can not be static. In order to loosen your hips more quickly, you can put your hands on the inside of the two knees. The hip and hip joints will be released for a period of time - the two knees can be laid on the bed. At this time, in the sleep state, posture is also easy to deformation. When you sleep with these two positions, the front hip may not be released. You can then transfer the book with two knees or a blanket. "Lying and lying Hunyuan due to the role of the kidney, noon nap to increase immunity, Wushi refers to eleven in the morning to afternoon, at this time the sun the most violent. According to legend, when Yang Yin will have reached the limit, therefore, a nap at this time, will let you increase immunity.
Sleep can not only help us kidney, but also the important period of recovery - the recovery of other organs and tissues in the body can not be separated from a stable and healthy sleep.


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