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Can dialysis treat uremia?

Dialysis can be pided into hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. It is one of the important methods in the treatment of renal disease, especially in the treatment of uremia. Some people even think that only regular dialysis or kidney transplantation when in nephropathy uremia

Can dialysis treat uremia?

Of course not. Dialysis is only used to clean up toxic and harmful substances in the blood. We call it an immune complex. However, dialysis can only clean small molecules, for medium and large molecules are often helpless, it need plasma replacement and other blood purification techniques.

In addition, dialysis can only be used as a means of cleaning and does not inhibit the regeneration of immune complexes and therefore cannot be used as a treatment. Therefore, dialysis should be used as a conservative means of restraint.

Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine combined kidney disease treatment experience and years of clinical research with exploration and innovation of TCM unique therapy, play the function of regulating qi, removing blood stasis, detoxification, helping kidney detoxification, improving internal environment, enhancing immunity to uremic patients; as long as your condition is not deteriorating, the patients’ life will not be in danger, the quality of your life can be ensured; as long as taking the standard treatment for dialysis and actively cooperate with it, patients can extend the interval times of dialysis, but very few patients can get rid of dialysis. 

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