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After renal transplantation, if the "transplant kidney" can survive normally, is to restore its due function. In addition to the body to complete the excretion of metabolic waste, but also regulate the body's electrolyte and acid-base balance. With the recovery of renal function, its chronic renal failure in the sexual dysfunction, there are different degrees of improvement. According to statistics, the success of the domestic kidney transplant survived more than 3 years of married, 60.94% of people recovered sexual function. Male patients after transplantation for the first time spermatorrhea, usually in the postoperative 2 to 180 days, an average of 45 days; female patients after transplantation for the first menstrual cramps, usually 5 to 90 days after surgery, an average of 38 days; Sex life occurs after 100 ~ 730 days, an average of 240 days. Comprehensive treatment of various aspects of the patient, is generally believed that successful renal transplant patients, 3 months after renal transplantation can have a normal life. The recovery of fertility after renal transplantation has been reported at home and abroad. According to statistics, 3 to 4 years after renal transplantation in pregnancy were the most, but about 40% of the first 3 months of pregnancy occurred spontaneous abortion or due to complications and abortion. Safety Over 3 months before pregnancy, about 90% of pregnant women will eventually be able to produce successfully. Most medical experts believe that post-transplant pregnancy is a complex issue. Pregnancy on the transplant kidney and maternal adverse effects, including renal function can cause deterioration, the incidence of chronic renal rejection will increase, increased urinary tract infection, the occurrence of hypertension, and so on. At the same time transplanted kidney can lead to perinatal fetal death, premature birth, intrauterine growth retardation, low birth weight, deformity, mental retardation and so on. Kidney transplant patients caused by drug side effects, can also lead to adverse consequences. Therefore, it was stressed that can not be too early pregnancy, so as not to increase the risk. Strongly demanded fertility of women, in the normal renal function after a few years of pregnancy as well. In short, women after kidney transplantation require fertility, should be treated with caution. Because the safety of pregnancy after transplantation must take into account the mother, fetal and transplanted kidney three aspects. Women who are required to have fertility after transplantation should undergo a comprehensive examination and evaluation, and strive to eliminate the risk factors to ensure the success of pregnancy and transplant kidney and maternal and child safety. As for men, there is no fertility time limit, sexual function recovery, some people can restore fertility. The original has a child, kidney transplantation should take contraceptive sexual life.

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