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Summer patients with chronic kidney disease should pay atten

In life, there are many patients with chronic nephritis, chronic renal failure and other chronic kidney disease problems. Into the hot summer, then patients with chronic kidney disease should pay attention to what? Chronic kidney disease due to proteinuria, hematuria, hypoproteinemia, edema and other low immunity, tolerance is weak, poor adaptability. So that the disease delayed healing, recurrent. Kidney disease patients if you want to summer, should pay attention to the following questions:

Indoor temperature should not be too low

Hot people, chronic kidney disease patients should not go out, so the room should be placed spacious, bright, ventilated, ventilated, to maintain a certain temperature. Air conditioning should not be adjusted too low to 6 ℃ lower than the outdoor temperature is appropriate, or easily due to rapid changes in hot and cold and a cold. And cold is leading to chronic kidney disease recurrence and increase one of the main factors.

To avoid emotional fluctuations

Reluctance is often repeated kidney disease, blood pressure fluctuations in the important reasons. Nephrotic patients in the spirit, psychological, etc., should be anxious, quiet its heart, the security of God, so that the nervous system in a quiet state, must not be irritable excitement, leading to emotional "heat stroke."

Not too tan cool

Summer fruits and vegetables and more varieties, color and fragrant appetite, but patients with chronic kidney disease can not eat, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys. Hot summer heat, some patients with kidney disease, hi to ice cream or iced drink quench their thirst. Occasionally still acceptable, if the taste of Tan Liang is no benefit to the disease.

Summer patients with chronic kidney disease should pay attention to what

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