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How to treat colds and fever of nephritis patients?

Nephritis symptoms also have fever, it will aggravate the condition of nephritis patients, so nephritis patients in their daily lives have to prevent colds and fever, in this case, we need to remember not to blindly choose drugs, because your kidneys have been damaged, coupled with the treatment of drugs, not only can not cure colds, fever, but also aggravate the condition.
First, how to treat colds and fever of nephritis patients - this time should enhance immunity:
1, rest: patients with obvious symptoms should take bed rest, patients without obvious symptoms should also try to avoid physical labor; if have obvious edema, hypertension should take low salt diet.
2, anti-infection: take active prevention and treatment of infection, remove the infected lesions; high blood pressure patients use antihypertensive treatment, edema patients use inducing diuresis to reduce edema.
3, anticoagulation: the choice of anticoagulant and anti-platelet pool of drugs, the former with heparin, dicoumarol, which can be aspirin or dipyridamole orally.
Second, the treatment is the key: nephritis is systemic lupus erythematosus secondary to kidney damage, mainly due to a large number of immune complex accumulation in the glomerular mesangial area, crush kidney tissue, part of the ischemia, hypoxia, microcirculation, kidney cells are destroyed by the inherent, and now the key to your treatment is to stop the kidney damage repair treatment, as long as the kidney damage is repaired, the disease will not be repeated.
Under normal circumstances, the incidence of nephritis are relatively acute, high fever can also be said to be one of the first symptoms, but some patients will have chronic onset, followed by the form of expression, the patient will have oliguria, it can be sudden Oliguria, or gradually oliguria, should pay attention, especially the high incidence of nephritis group.
The above is introduction of colds and fever in nephritis patients, if you need to have a detailed understanding, you can consult our online experts, our experts will given the most professional guidance based on the actual condition of the patient.

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