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What are the staging criteria for chronic kidney disease?

Chronic kidney disease is in accordance with what standard for staging, by a lot of people give the message to us to understand the chronic kidney disease is in accordance with the stage, today we recommend in this article, I hope you can help.
Patients must pay attention to impaired renal function will appear symptoms of elevated blood pressure, and hypertension will increase kidney damage. Patients with hypertensive in the event of nocturia increased, diabetic patients with urinary protein or lower limb edema problems, indicating that the kidneys have been damaged, the normal occasional fatigue, do not worry, adjust the sleep may improve, but if the symptoms at least continued For a week, be sure to go to the hospital for examination.
The patient must understand that the urine is clear and have less foam. If the urine bubble suddenly increases, it does not disappear for a long time, indicating that more protein is excreted in the urine; if the urine color is abnormal, was thick brown, soy sauce or turbidity such as Taomi Shui, should pay attention. In addition, there can not hold urine, dysuria symptoms should also be timely treatment.
The patient gets up early and has no swelling. The kidney is the organ that the body metabolize water, and the kidney is not good and the water will accumulate. If you often early eyelid edema, or feet, legs swollen, should consider the kidney problem. Full of spirit. When the renal function problems, the body of waste residue is difficult to excrete from the urine, there will be dizziness, fatigue, dull feeling.
Nephrology experts to remind you: patients must relax, kidney disease on the impact of people is very large, so we usually feel if the physical discomfort, must be treated early, it is best not to misdiagnosis. I hope you will recover soon.

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