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Hypertensive patients should pay attention to home care in t

Hypertensive patients in daily life should pay attention to home care, in daily life not only pay attention to diet care, but also pay attention to some living habits and psychological factors. The following is about caring tips with high blood pressure in daily life.

Daily care

1. To maintain a good mental state, to eliminate the tension and depression of the psychological. 2. appropriate rest, to ensure sleep, arrange the appropriate exercise, such as more symptoms or complications should be bed rest. 3. For irritable patients, good family work, reduce adverse stimuli, to ensure that patients have a quiet and comfortable environment. 4. Outside activities and inspection should be accompanied by someone to prevent fainted injuries. 5. Proper diet, can reduce the heart load, prevent water, sodium retention, reduce peripheral vascular resistance. 6. should follow the doctor's advice adhere to the Institute of self-observation and care, there are symptoms of immediate treatment.

caring tips with high blood pressure

Diet conditioning

Eat green vegetables and fresh fruits and high calcium foods such as celery, leeks, broccoli, pears, apples, dairy products, soy products, eat less foods with high cholesterol, such as animal offal, fat, Egg yolk, cuttlefish, etc., avoid alcohol and tobacco.

The above is about caring tips with high blood pressure in daily life, for reference only. Hypertensive patients should always pay attention to changes in blood pressure, diet can control their own blood pressure, hoping to help.



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